with Grace
God's Grace for Blended Families

When you set out on your happily ever after again, bumpy roads may not be part of the travel plan. But let’s be honest, uniting two families into one is hard work. Your dream destination of a perfect home with a white picket fence may sometimes seem surreal.


When all your stepfamily demands start to overwhelm you, these devotions offer peace. Veteran stepmom Gayla Grace offers highly relatable short readings, paired with a thought to ponder, inspirational Scripture, and a short prayer. With compassion and understanding, Gayla provides valuable companionship and the encouragement you need to trust in the grace of our ever-present God.  


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About the Author
Gayla Grace
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Gayla Grace is the director and co-founder of Sisterhood of Stepmoms, a non-profit organization designed to create community and provide national retreats for stepmothers. She holds a master’s degree in Psychology and Counseling and founded more than a decade ago to offer coaching services, resources, and other encouragement to step-families. Gayla and her husband, Randy, have five children in their blended family.