365 Campaign Details

Look below for campaign dates, retail links, and instructions on how to submit your completed review!

Campaign Dates

Books are expected to deliver between December 1 and December 3. Participating bloggers will be reviewing these journals during the week of December 10-14, 2018. You selected your preferred post date when you signed up. Click the button below to open the post date scheduled (arranged alphabetically by blogger last name.)

Helpful Tips: How to Review Journals

Reviewing a journal is a bit different than reviewing a book. When you review a book, you may be commenting on the overall message or theme, the writing structure, or individual chapter topics. With a journal, there is not as much text to critique. Instead, consider one or more of the following: 

  1. Did you like the cover design? Was it appealing? Would it have attracted your attention in a bookstore? Did the art style and the devotions in the book work well together?

  2. Were the devotions and quotes inside the journal inspirational? Reflect on one or two of your favorites or describe the overall theme of the journal (peace, praise, etc.) 

  3. Test the paper thickness with different pens and markers. Did you see any bleed-through?

  4. Describe how you plan to use the journal or who the journal is for (age ranges, creative types, professions.)

  5. Compare and contrast multiple journals and their features.

It is up to you how you review the devotional journals. Some bloggers are reviewing them in separate posts. Others are putting all three product reviews in one post. Consider what works best for your blog readers. We look forward to reading your reviews!

Retail Links

Barnes & Noble: 


Barnes & Noble: 


Barnes & Noble: 


Instagram Contest

Enter to win a $75 Amazon gift card. To enter to win:

1. Follow @EllieClaireGifts on Instagram

2. Post a photo of our 365-day devotional journals on your Instagram by December 14, 2018 with a caption of your choice AND the hashtags #EllieClaireGifts and #NewYearNewDevo

3. Tag @EllieClaireGifts in your image

You do not need to submit proof of your post to us via email. As long as you tag us in your post, we will see it.

Submit Your Review

Fill out the form below to submit your review link. Due to the number of bloggers participating, we are unable to accept review links by email, so be sure to complete this form to make sure your review is seen and counted. 

We will send out an automated reminder email on December 7 and another on December 14. Since the emails are automated, you will get both emails even if you have already submitted your review. If we do not see your review by December 14, we will contact you the following week to check in.